COVID 19: Currently, it is not mandatory in the Czech Republic to wear a masks and you can go to events without a test and vaccination.

The international Erotic Fair Erofest will take place on 20 - 22 April 2023 in Prague (CZ) at the PVA Expo Letňany. This unique event will be not only about eroticism, but also about fashion trends and lifestyle. The fair is aimed at individuals as well as young and older couples who want to know the news from the world of eroticism. Plastic surgery, whirlpools, stimulants and consumables, tattoos, underwear and costumes will also be presented. The fair will also include evening afterparties full of accompanying program.

You will be able to enjoy the latest erotic gadgets and gadgets. You can also look forward to fashion shows of branded lingerie, prize competitions, seduction school, queer zone, modern whirlpools, cocktail bars and snacks, lots of beautiful hostesses and muscular promoters and much more.

More useful informations you can find on Czech webpage of Erofest.