Beautiful women, sexy men, packed shows, inspiring lectures and exhibitors from all over Europe. The EROFEST international erotic fair will take place on March 8th-9th, 2024 in Prague at the PVA Expo Letňany. This unique event will not only be about erotica, but also about fashion trends and lifestyle. The fair is aimed at individuals as well as at young and older couples who want to know not only news from the world of erotica. Dozens of stands will await visitors, where they will be able to view and try new products from erotic accessories, underwear, aesthetics or simply have fun.

You can stop by the booths of various porn actresses for a photo and autograph, have a penis-shaped waffle at Happeniss, go see and ride a carriage at pony play lovers, have a drink and a photo with guys in a penis costume. Nothing is impossible at this fair! In addition to a wide range of erotic aids, Deep Love has also prepared several competitions for visitors to win valuable prizes.

Of course, there is also a diverse accompanying program on the main stage, where spicy performances by well-known porn actresses take place, as well as mysteriously sexy performances by beautiful burlesque and acrobatic dancers. So it's definitely not just about sex, as it might seem at first glance, but mainly about fun. Even women delight their senses. There will also be foreign guests such as strippers from Great Britain who will show literally everything. For BDSM lovers, there will be a Shibari show on the main stage.

Those who rather enjoy BDSM will be delighted by Bugshop.cz with its own stage. The fair will also include interesting and enriching lectures and evening afterparties with great DJ´s.

PVA Expo Letňany

08/03/2024 - Friday 13:00 - 21:00 exhibition (13:00-03:00 stage and afterparty)
09/03/2024 - Saturday 11:00 - 21:00 exhibition (11:00-03:00 stage and afterparty)

More useful informations you can find on Czech webpage of Erofest.